Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ahok Want Magic Kolong So Park Road Flyover

Jakarta Vice Governor Tjahaja Basuki Purnama said , Jakarta Provincial Government is preparing a plan to reorganize the points under the overpass ( flyover ) which has been used as a residence by the squatters.

Later , said Basuki , the points under the overpass will be transformed into a park that can be used to trade the location of street vendors ( PKL ) and an area for sports .

" We want to get up so many garden - PKL PKL be selling there because if we want to leave it blank it will not be able to land . So , it is better used for street vendors .

'll Let those who tell ngawasi so that no illegal shacks , " said the man who was familiarly called Ahok that , at City Hall on Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) .

According to Basuki , the points under the overpass is not only misused by squatters , but many officers in government who use it for rent to other parties .

No wonder , he added , it's been a lot of permanent buildings that stood on the points under the overpass .

" In fact , there are also shops . So , like it will be completed . Anyway we ' brush ' all . 's Just right it takes time . Otherwise it could regulate 100 people at once ? Yeah turunin be 50 .
If you still can not , so 25 . unable yes 10 again , " he said .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Governing Party and Member of Parliament to the Minister of Religious Affairs Hajj quota

Deputy Secretary General of the United Development Party Joko Purwanto admit , there are a number of party officials and politicians who get a House of Representatives special Haj quota of Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali . However , he said , they were left with a special quota it does not use state facilities .

Joko said, he , his wife , and two brothers already lined up and register ONH Plus Universal Al - Amin is in the Ministry of Religious Affairs . Ricardo with his family was already paying the expensive rates for Hajj .

" By chance we were waiting , and then assisted Mr. SDA ( Suryadharma ) . Currently , the Government of Saudi Arabia apparently given a special quota , assisted by Mr. SDA , ultimately that's where we went. I do not really understand the truth about anyone can enter a special quota , " Joko said when contacted on Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .
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According to Joko , it is the authority of a special quota Suryadharma Ali as the minister so that he knew nothing about the criteria of the assembly which may come in the special quota .

" I just pay Hajj , and it can go, yes we think this the permission of Allah , " he said .

In addition he and his family , Joko , there is also a group of PPP officials who participated in the pilgrimage group that KH Noer Iskandar , Reni Marlinawati , and Irgan Chairul Mahfidz . Joko added , there are Satya Erik Ward , politicians Hanura .

" Eventually we set off , and the plane turned out to meet the group at the Ministry of Religious Affairs . There are also family . However , we split in Jeddah , although we continue to ask Mr. SDA together . Minister We thought it was the group use of state facilities , so we follow baseball , " Joko said .

However , when he got in Jeddah , Joko said she heard the news in the media that there is a free group with the Minister of Religious Affairs Hajj . He was furious over allegations that utilize state facilities .

" I'm so-so , Thank God there are 10 pieces home , period for Hajj only should owe ? Alhamdulillah , I was able to pay for itself , " he said .

Previously reported , Suryadharma Ali has been named as a suspect in a case of alleged corruption organizing hajj 2012-2013 by the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) on Thursday ( 5/22/2014 ) ago . Suryadharma also been prevented from traveling abroad .

According to the Commission , Suryadharma is suspected of abusing his authority as a minister in the procurement process of lodging the Hajj , the catering , the pilgrimage , and transportation . In addition , the Commission also found that many members of the House who allegedly participated in the group who exploit prospective pilgrims quota remaining 2012/2013 . In addition to members of Parliament , the Commission also found indications of a family of ministers and officials who participated in the group MORA it . Hajj quota abused estimated at 100 people .


Friday, May 23, 2014

The dollar strengthened encouraged weak German data

The dollar rose against most other major currencies on Friday (Saturday morning GMT ) , and continued to rise against the euro after data showed German business confidence declined .

Business climate index from the Ifo research institute fell to 110.4 in May from 111.2 in the previous month , showed German business confidence fell more than expected and showed the country's economic growth may slow in the second quarter .

Positive U.S. housing data released on Friday also supported the dollar . Sales of new single-family homes in the U.S. in April stood at an annual rate of seasonally adjusted 433,000 , 6.4 percent above the revised March rate of 407,000 , the Commerce Department reported on Friday .

The Federal Reserve released the minutes of its meeting this week in April , in which he said the central bank is not " face exchange between the goals of job creation and inflation . "
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The Bank of Japan , Bank of Japan ( BoJ ) on Wednesday decided to maintain the current monetary policy after a two-day policy meeting . However , some analysts speculate the central bank to expand easing measures in July .

In late New York trading , the euro fell to 1.3632 dollars from 1.3651 dollars in the previous session , and the British pound fell to 1.6831 dollars from 1.6864 dollars . The Australian dollar rose to 1.9236 dollars from 0.9217 dollars .

The dollar bought 101.96 yen , from 101.80 yen higher in the previous session . The dollar rose to 0.8955 Swiss francs from 0.8948 Swiss francs , and move down to 1.0871 Canadian dollars from 1.0896 Canadian dollars , Reuters reported .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Five Astra Ship Detained, Suspected Illegal Cooking Oil Exports to China

Five tankers transporting oil from PT Tanjung Lestari Means detained at Tanjung Bakau , Produktion North , West Sulawesi , on Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

These ships known to have more than six times the oil export to China illegally. The ships were now being held by the Department of Transportation , North Produktion .

The company owned Astra group is thought to export oil to China through the Port of mangroves , North Produktion , without permission .

Head of the Department of Transportation , Communication and Information District North Produktion , Kasmuddin asserted , Astra has never reported the activity of loading and unloading ships at the Port of mangroves to the local Department of Transportation .
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" We never received the shipment activity reports of oil to China . Though they are supposed to report any activity abroad oil exports , "said Kasmuddin .

Vice Regent of the North Produktion Muh . Saal said , the company has been making deliveries beroprasi and six times as of 17 April, during a working visit to the company .

" It has been six times to export oil to China the company never coordinated to local government , " he said .

The company PT Tanjung Lestari Means to be confirmed on this issue would not provide details .

Saal states , local governments in the near future will make clarifications directly to the Director General of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta related to these findings .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

At 13:00 pm, the Winning Team Jokowi-JK Joint Meeting Held

The combined team of award - Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla in the 2014 Presidential Election will hold a meeting today , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) . Meetings scheduled to begin at 13:00 pm , at the Office of DPP Nasdem , Central Jakarta .

Chairman of the PDI-P winning elections explained Puan Maharani , in a joint meeting will be finalized Jokowi - JK winning strategy . The discussion , he said , including the determination of regional mapping campaign and chairman of the joint team .

" Everyone has a voice map pileg time ( legislative elections ) , but it was a party , and at the election the situation would be liquid , " said Puan , in JS Luwansa Hotel , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) night . In the same place , the Secretary -General of the PDI - P Tjahjo Kumolo said the meeting will be attended by representatives from all parties supporting this pair and volunteers .
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As reported previously , and Jusuf Kalla Jokowi shaft carried by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle with the National Democratic Party , the National Awakening Party , and Hanura . Each party , said Tjahjo , will send the winning general secretary or chairman of the electoral body .

" The rest of the time just a month will be optimized for the winning strategy , so that the maximum effective and communicated to the public , " said Tjahjo . But he refused to answer when asked what kind of strategy to be used for the award of Jokowi and Kalla .

However, Tjahjo mention the agenda to be discussed in a joint meeting that is determining the location of the presidential election campaign . " Observing and densely populated areas electors, and what issues will be discussed and the other , " he stated .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Support Prabowo-Hatta, Anis Matta Bring-bring Golkar and the UN

Chief General Anis Matta , PKS partner believe that Prabowo Subianto and Hatta Rajasa will be the lead partner trust justice leaders .

It was presented in the declaration pair Anis Prabowo and Hatta as a candidate for president and vice president today.

"I want us to see the face of the couple we stand and we love. Whatever Civil feel the vibration ' Indonesia Raya ' on it? " Anis said in Polonia House , Jakarta, Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

Anis speech was greeted with boisterous cry of those who attend. "Life, Prabowo ! " cried the audience .
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" What the Civil feel this pair can bring trust to upright justice , bless the people , and bring together the parts of the community ? If the Civil sure , I know why our brother from joining Golkar , " said Anis .

Anis words that invite laughter torn pair Prabowo and Hatta and the delegates of the party of the coalition.

Not only Golkar , Anis also offensive Moon Star Party , which eventually expressed support for the porous Gerindra .

"I'm also confident that Indonesia will be illuminated by night the moon and stars , " said Anis .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Minister in Sydney Mandatory Publish Diary

Chief Minister of the State of New South Wales ( NSW ) , Australia , Mike Baird stated journal or diary of ministers in his cabinet will be announced periodically every three months in order to ensure transparency regarding political lobby .

This policy was taken following the demands of the NSW Labor Party opposition , amid allegations of hidden political donations as sticking in the investigation of the Anti - corruption Commission ICAC in Sydney .
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Under this new process , a summary of the published diaries of ministers meeting state contains information with outside parties , and the reason why the meeting was held , as well as to ascertain whether there are lobby groups who attended the meeting .

However , cabinet affairs and personal or commercial information not subject to this new rule .

Baird said the publication of the diary ministers are expected to restore public confidence over politicians and political parties .

" This is the first time we publish ministerial meetings with outside parties who want to influence decision-making , " he explained .

Labor leader John Robertson said last week that the need for the publication of a diary secretary through a bill .

He said government policy is not enough Baird ensure transparency .

However , Baird stated publication minister 's diary is only one of a number of steps to be taken to ensure transparency .

Queensland is a state in Australia which also operates a policy of publishing the diary secretary , but it is done once a month .

Abroad, President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron to be an example of government leaders who publish their diaries online .