Thursday, May 22, 2014

Five Astra Ship Detained, Suspected Illegal Cooking Oil Exports to China

Five tankers transporting oil from PT Tanjung Lestari Means detained at Tanjung Bakau , Produktion North , West Sulawesi , on Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

These ships known to have more than six times the oil export to China illegally. The ships were now being held by the Department of Transportation , North Produktion .

The company owned Astra group is thought to export oil to China through the Port of mangroves , North Produktion , without permission .

Head of the Department of Transportation , Communication and Information District North Produktion , Kasmuddin asserted , Astra has never reported the activity of loading and unloading ships at the Port of mangroves to the local Department of Transportation .
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" We never received the shipment activity reports of oil to China . Though they are supposed to report any activity abroad oil exports , "said Kasmuddin .

Vice Regent of the North Produktion Muh . Saal said , the company has been making deliveries beroprasi and six times as of 17 April, during a working visit to the company .

" It has been six times to export oil to China the company never coordinated to local government , " he said .

The company PT Tanjung Lestari Means to be confirmed on this issue would not provide details .

Saal states , local governments in the near future will make clarifications directly to the Director General of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta related to these findings .


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