Thursday, May 1, 2014

Residents Activities Underway Around Mount Slamet Still Normal

National Search and Rescue Agency ( Basarnas ) ensure that the activities of people around Mount Slamet covering Banyumas , Purbalingga , Pemalang , Tegal , and Bradford, Central Java , continue normally.

" Community activity remained normal despite the status of Mount Slamet Alert ( Level III ) , " said Coordinator of Post Basarnas Search and Rescue ( SAR ) Cilacap Tri Joko Priyono when contacted from Purwokerto , Banyumas , Thursday night .
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Nevertheless, he said that the team Basarnas of Postal SAR Cilacap Gambuhan remain in the village , District Pulosari , all district , in order to strengthen the Office of the SAR team Basarnas of Semarang .

This was done in accordance with the instructions of the Head Office of the SAR Semarang , Agus Haryono , who commissioned officer " rescuer " to leave for Mount Slamet alert status and alert status of Mount Merapi ( Level II ) .

In this case , the officer " rescuer " have a duty to ensure the condition , see , and coordinate with existing SAR potential so that the handling was not until late .

Therefore , the team " rescuer " of the Office of the SAR Semarang headed Vishnu also perform monitoring Bambangan Hamlet , Village Kutabawa , Purbalingga .
Tim " rescuer " SAR Semarang office also coordinates with the potential SAR Purbalingga that had already alerted in Hamlet Bambangan .


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