Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ahok Want Magic Kolong So Park Road Flyover

Jakarta Vice Governor Tjahaja Basuki Purnama said , Jakarta Provincial Government is preparing a plan to reorganize the points under the overpass ( flyover ) which has been used as a residence by the squatters.

Later , said Basuki , the points under the overpass will be transformed into a park that can be used to trade the location of street vendors ( PKL ) and an area for sports .

" We want to get up so many garden - PKL PKL be selling there because if we want to leave it blank it will not be able to land . So , it is better used for street vendors .

'll Let those who tell ngawasi so that no illegal shacks , " said the man who was familiarly called Ahok that , at City Hall on Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) .

According to Basuki , the points under the overpass is not only misused by squatters , but many officers in government who use it for rent to other parties .

No wonder , he added , it's been a lot of permanent buildings that stood on the points under the overpass .

" In fact , there are also shops . So , like it will be completed . Anyway we ' brush ' all . 's Just right it takes time . Otherwise it could regulate 100 people at once ? Yeah turunin be 50 .
If you still can not , so 25 . unable yes 10 again , " he said .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Governing Party and Member of Parliament to the Minister of Religious Affairs Hajj quota

Deputy Secretary General of the United Development Party Joko Purwanto admit , there are a number of party officials and politicians who get a House of Representatives special Haj quota of Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali . However , he said , they were left with a special quota it does not use state facilities .

Joko said, he , his wife , and two brothers already lined up and register ONH Plus Universal Al - Amin is in the Ministry of Religious Affairs . Ricardo with his family was already paying the expensive rates for Hajj .

" By chance we were waiting , and then assisted Mr. SDA ( Suryadharma ) . Currently , the Government of Saudi Arabia apparently given a special quota , assisted by Mr. SDA , ultimately that's where we went. I do not really understand the truth about anyone can enter a special quota , " Joko said when contacted on Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .
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According to Joko , it is the authority of a special quota Suryadharma Ali as the minister so that he knew nothing about the criteria of the assembly which may come in the special quota .

" I just pay Hajj , and it can go, yes we think this the permission of Allah , " he said .

In addition he and his family , Joko , there is also a group of PPP officials who participated in the pilgrimage group that KH Noer Iskandar , Reni Marlinawati , and Irgan Chairul Mahfidz . Joko added , there are Satya Erik Ward , politicians Hanura .

" Eventually we set off , and the plane turned out to meet the group at the Ministry of Religious Affairs . There are also family . However , we split in Jeddah , although we continue to ask Mr. SDA together . Minister We thought it was the group use of state facilities , so we follow baseball , " Joko said .

However , when he got in Jeddah , Joko said she heard the news in the media that there is a free group with the Minister of Religious Affairs Hajj . He was furious over allegations that utilize state facilities .

" I'm so-so , Thank God there are 10 pieces home , period for Hajj only should owe ? Alhamdulillah , I was able to pay for itself , " he said .

Previously reported , Suryadharma Ali has been named as a suspect in a case of alleged corruption organizing hajj 2012-2013 by the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) on Thursday ( 5/22/2014 ) ago . Suryadharma also been prevented from traveling abroad .

According to the Commission , Suryadharma is suspected of abusing his authority as a minister in the procurement process of lodging the Hajj , the catering , the pilgrimage , and transportation . In addition , the Commission also found that many members of the House who allegedly participated in the group who exploit prospective pilgrims quota remaining 2012/2013 . In addition to members of Parliament , the Commission also found indications of a family of ministers and officials who participated in the group MORA it . Hajj quota abused estimated at 100 people .


Friday, May 23, 2014

The dollar strengthened encouraged weak German data

The dollar rose against most other major currencies on Friday (Saturday morning GMT ) , and continued to rise against the euro after data showed German business confidence declined .

Business climate index from the Ifo research institute fell to 110.4 in May from 111.2 in the previous month , showed German business confidence fell more than expected and showed the country's economic growth may slow in the second quarter .

Positive U.S. housing data released on Friday also supported the dollar . Sales of new single-family homes in the U.S. in April stood at an annual rate of seasonally adjusted 433,000 , 6.4 percent above the revised March rate of 407,000 , the Commerce Department reported on Friday .

The Federal Reserve released the minutes of its meeting this week in April , in which he said the central bank is not " face exchange between the goals of job creation and inflation . "
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The Bank of Japan , Bank of Japan ( BoJ ) on Wednesday decided to maintain the current monetary policy after a two-day policy meeting . However , some analysts speculate the central bank to expand easing measures in July .

In late New York trading , the euro fell to 1.3632 dollars from 1.3651 dollars in the previous session , and the British pound fell to 1.6831 dollars from 1.6864 dollars . The Australian dollar rose to 1.9236 dollars from 0.9217 dollars .

The dollar bought 101.96 yen , from 101.80 yen higher in the previous session . The dollar rose to 0.8955 Swiss francs from 0.8948 Swiss francs , and move down to 1.0871 Canadian dollars from 1.0896 Canadian dollars , Reuters reported .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Five Astra Ship Detained, Suspected Illegal Cooking Oil Exports to China

Five tankers transporting oil from PT Tanjung Lestari Means detained at Tanjung Bakau , Produktion North , West Sulawesi , on Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

These ships known to have more than six times the oil export to China illegally. The ships were now being held by the Department of Transportation , North Produktion .

The company owned Astra group is thought to export oil to China through the Port of mangroves , North Produktion , without permission .

Head of the Department of Transportation , Communication and Information District North Produktion , Kasmuddin asserted , Astra has never reported the activity of loading and unloading ships at the Port of mangroves to the local Department of Transportation .
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" We never received the shipment activity reports of oil to China . Though they are supposed to report any activity abroad oil exports , "said Kasmuddin .

Vice Regent of the North Produktion Muh . Saal said , the company has been making deliveries beroprasi and six times as of 17 April, during a working visit to the company .

" It has been six times to export oil to China the company never coordinated to local government , " he said .

The company PT Tanjung Lestari Means to be confirmed on this issue would not provide details .

Saal states , local governments in the near future will make clarifications directly to the Director General of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta related to these findings .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

At 13:00 pm, the Winning Team Jokowi-JK Joint Meeting Held

The combined team of award - Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla in the 2014 Presidential Election will hold a meeting today , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) . Meetings scheduled to begin at 13:00 pm , at the Office of DPP Nasdem , Central Jakarta .

Chairman of the PDI-P winning elections explained Puan Maharani , in a joint meeting will be finalized Jokowi - JK winning strategy . The discussion , he said , including the determination of regional mapping campaign and chairman of the joint team .

" Everyone has a voice map pileg time ( legislative elections ) , but it was a party , and at the election the situation would be liquid , " said Puan , in JS Luwansa Hotel , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) night . In the same place , the Secretary -General of the PDI - P Tjahjo Kumolo said the meeting will be attended by representatives from all parties supporting this pair and volunteers .
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As reported previously , and Jusuf Kalla Jokowi shaft carried by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle with the National Democratic Party , the National Awakening Party , and Hanura . Each party , said Tjahjo , will send the winning general secretary or chairman of the electoral body .

" The rest of the time just a month will be optimized for the winning strategy , so that the maximum effective and communicated to the public , " said Tjahjo . But he refused to answer when asked what kind of strategy to be used for the award of Jokowi and Kalla .

However, Tjahjo mention the agenda to be discussed in a joint meeting that is determining the location of the presidential election campaign . " Observing and densely populated areas electors, and what issues will be discussed and the other , " he stated .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Support Prabowo-Hatta, Anis Matta Bring-bring Golkar and the UN

Chief General Anis Matta , PKS partner believe that Prabowo Subianto and Hatta Rajasa will be the lead partner trust justice leaders .

It was presented in the declaration pair Anis Prabowo and Hatta as a candidate for president and vice president today.

"I want us to see the face of the couple we stand and we love. Whatever Civil feel the vibration ' Indonesia Raya ' on it? " Anis said in Polonia House , Jakarta, Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

Anis speech was greeted with boisterous cry of those who attend. "Life, Prabowo ! " cried the audience .
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" What the Civil feel this pair can bring trust to upright justice , bless the people , and bring together the parts of the community ? If the Civil sure , I know why our brother from joining Golkar , " said Anis .

Anis words that invite laughter torn pair Prabowo and Hatta and the delegates of the party of the coalition.

Not only Golkar , Anis also offensive Moon Star Party , which eventually expressed support for the porous Gerindra .

"I'm also confident that Indonesia will be illuminated by night the moon and stars , " said Anis .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Minister in Sydney Mandatory Publish Diary

Chief Minister of the State of New South Wales ( NSW ) , Australia , Mike Baird stated journal or diary of ministers in his cabinet will be announced periodically every three months in order to ensure transparency regarding political lobby .

This policy was taken following the demands of the NSW Labor Party opposition , amid allegations of hidden political donations as sticking in the investigation of the Anti - corruption Commission ICAC in Sydney .
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Under this new process , a summary of the published diaries of ministers meeting state contains information with outside parties , and the reason why the meeting was held , as well as to ascertain whether there are lobby groups who attended the meeting .

However , cabinet affairs and personal or commercial information not subject to this new rule .

Baird said the publication of the diary ministers are expected to restore public confidence over politicians and political parties .

" This is the first time we publish ministerial meetings with outside parties who want to influence decision-making , " he explained .

Labor leader John Robertson said last week that the need for the publication of a diary secretary through a bill .

He said government policy is not enough Baird ensure transparency .

However , Baird stated publication minister 's diary is only one of a number of steps to be taken to ensure transparency .

Queensland is a state in Australia which also operates a policy of publishing the diary secretary , but it is done once a month .

Abroad, President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron to be an example of government leaders who publish their diaries online .


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Netty Heryawan Have All victims of abuse in Sukabumi divisum

To help deal with victims of sexual abuse of dozens of children in Sukabumi , Chairman of Integrated Service Centre for Women and Children ( P2TP2A ) and Chairman of the PKK West Java , Netty Heryawan prepare a number of steps .

Governor Ahmad Heryawan wife said , P2TP2A West Java have coordinated with P2TP2A Sukabumi . Until Friday night , West Java P2TP2A prepare psychologists and financial assistance in the form if necessary post mortem .
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'' So far , Sukabumi states will handle the first at the level of the city and will ask for help if needed , '' said Netty encountered in the seminar ' The Path of Truly Muslim : Muslim Women Respond Future Challenges ' at the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia ( UI ) , Saturday ( 3/5 ) .

Of minimum service standards ( SPM ) applied P2TP2A , victims of sexual abuse must divisum . According to him , the law requires proof that Indonesia is still investigating the case for completeness .

So far, only 12 of the 47 children who had divisum . Netty wish all children and families are willing to do a post mortem . If not , he expects , the results of the autopsy report could represent the 12 children in the legal process .

Mother of six children was very hopeful P2TP2A Sukabumi also have the help of recovery for victims of trauma . For suspected perpetrators have been victims in 2012 and became the perpetrators .


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Residents Activities Underway Around Mount Slamet Still Normal

National Search and Rescue Agency ( Basarnas ) ensure that the activities of people around Mount Slamet covering Banyumas , Purbalingga , Pemalang , Tegal , and Bradford, Central Java , continue normally.

" Community activity remained normal despite the status of Mount Slamet Alert ( Level III ) , " said Coordinator of Post Basarnas Search and Rescue ( SAR ) Cilacap Tri Joko Priyono when contacted from Purwokerto , Banyumas , Thursday night .
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Nevertheless, he said that the team Basarnas of Postal SAR Cilacap Gambuhan remain in the village , District Pulosari , all district , in order to strengthen the Office of the SAR team Basarnas of Semarang .

This was done in accordance with the instructions of the Head Office of the SAR Semarang , Agus Haryono , who commissioned officer " rescuer " to leave for Mount Slamet alert status and alert status of Mount Merapi ( Level II ) .

In this case , the officer " rescuer " have a duty to ensure the condition , see , and coordinate with existing SAR potential so that the handling was not until late .

Therefore , the team " rescuer " of the Office of the SAR Semarang headed Vishnu also perform monitoring Bambangan Hamlet , Village Kutabawa , Purbalingga .
Tim " rescuer " SAR Semarang office also coordinates with the potential SAR Purbalingga that had already alerted in Hamlet Bambangan .


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cases go into e - KTP , PT Len Industri Search the KPK in London

The Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) raided again regarding the case of alleged corruption in the procurement of e-ID projects in the Interior Ministry .

" It's worth around 14:30 pm investigator handling the case about the e - ID card raided the PT Len Industri , on Jalan Soekarno - Hatta Jakarta, " said KPK spokesman Johan Budi , at office , Jalan HR Rasuna Said , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 29 / 4/2014 ) .

According to him , such a search is still underway and witnessed by President Director of PT Len Industri , Abraham Musi and assisted by the police .
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" The search directly witnessed by the President Director of PT Len Industri Abraham Musi , backed up by the Police of Polrestabes Bandung , " he said .

However, Johan reluctant to explain in detail what the PT Len Industri relationship with e-ID project procurement . " It has been entered in the matter of investigation , " he concluded .

Len own company , established since 1965 , LEN ( National Institute of Electronics ) and then transformed into a State-Owned Enterprises ( SOEs ) in 1991 .

Since that time , Len was no longer an extension of the National Institute of Electronics ( LEN ) , but has become a professional business entity by the name of PT Len Industri . Len is currently under the coordination of the Ministry of State Enterprises .

During this time , Len has developed the business and products in the field of electronics for industry and infrastructure , and have demonstrated experience in : Broadcasting , for more than 30 years , with hundreds of TV and radio transmitters that have been installed in various regions in Indonesia .


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Evacuate Muslim peacekeepers from Bangui

Peacekeepers in Central African escorting more than 1,200 Muslims out of Bangui , the capital of Central Africa . They are the last Muslims who remained in the region and become the target of Christian militants .

According to the BBC , the Muslims brought to the area much safer in the north of the country . The country was hit by civil conflict since rebels overthrew Seleka president in March 2013 .
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Seleka majority Muslim rebels accused of targeting the Christians that triggered the violence gets worse .

On Friday , reportedly as many as 22 people , including three MSF medical workers have been killed in an attack in the town of Nanga Boguila .

The murder took place on Saturday and the majority of victims were killed when the MSF clinic being operated under attack .

According Nguembassa Xavier Gilles , a former member of parliament in the region , Seleka rebel group responsible for the attack . Shortly after the displaced Muslims , looting ensued .

" We do not want any Muslims here and we do not want their mosques here too , " said Richard Guy looters . Some Muslims are still living in Bangui , but thousands more have been left house lately .


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Drunk passengers, Virgin Australia Pilot Captain Examined

Regional Police (Police) Bali crew check the schedule for post-incident Virgin Australia drunken passenger who banged on the cockpit of aircraft serving the route Brisbane-Denpasar, Bali.

"We will take the information for the flight crew know the situation at the time when the plane was airborne," said Head of Bali Police Public Relations, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Hery Wiyanto, in Denpasar, on Saturday (04/26/2014).

He menjelaskas, investigators Directorate General of Criminal Investigation will examine the captain Neil Thomas Cooper, Ryan Richard Stockwell co-pilot, cabin crew and the flight attendants on Saturday, April 26, 2014.
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He explained that, over the years, while new information is obtained from Matt Christopher (28), the drunken passenger, so that an examination of the necessary crew and cabin crew. "During this new unilateral description of him (Matt) alone. Later we will also check the flight crew," he said.

Hery not explain the timing of the inspection crew with flight number VOZ41 it. He also did not explain the material detailed examination will be done to the crew's low cost.

Earlier on Friday, April 25, 2014, the public information digegerkan with piracy that afflicts the kangaroo country airline flight after the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) Ngurah Rai International Airport receives signals from the cockpit hijacking at around 14:05 pm.

That information was then forwarded to the police and security officers after combined for handling the plane diverted to the south apron near Ngurah Rai Air Force Base.

Officers then caught Matt to be brought to the Bali Police. As a result of the incident, eight aircraft to land was diverted to the nearest airport. While five other aircraft about to take off had to be postponed. The airport authority also forced to temporarily close air traffic for nearly an hour. (Ant)


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

40 Students SMA / SMK in Jaktim Join UN Supplementary

A total of 40 high school / vocational school in East Jakarta ( East Jakarta ) took the national exam ( UN ) follow-up on this day . They consist of 20 high school students and 20 vocational students . Implementation of the following tests held at seven schools and lasted for three days , until Thursday, April 24, 2014 .

East Jakarta Head of Secondary Education , Budiana said , following tests held for students who can not follow the main UN on 14-16 April. When the main UN unknown number of students who do not attend as many as 47 students . Seven students who do not take the following tests , the school may have been moved out of the area or resign . To seven students it is not considered a student in Jakarta . This was reinforced by a letter from the school principal concerned .
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" Because the data collection was conducted from participants of the UN itukan last December . Fact between December to April or when the implementation of the UN is right there are students who withdraw, change schools or even death , " said Budiana , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) .

Budiana explained , for high school students , they follow the UN in SMAN 39 , SMAN 48 , SMAN 54 , SMAN 31 and SMAN 102 . As for CMS , the implementation was held at SMK 26 and SMK 10 .

Implementation of the following tests , the same as the main UN . UN inspectors supervised by a team of college and Dept. of Education . Similarly, when the distribution of the UN , the police guarded .

So good when the main or supplementary examination , he was sure there was no leakage problem . For surveillance systems and strict security was already done , no matter leakage may occur .


Monday, April 21, 2014

Observer: Jokowi Difficult Duet with Prominent Non-parties

Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Struggle , Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) , has yet to determine her duet partner in the upcoming presidential election . Jokowi had hinted there were three names are pursed as prospective mate . They come from professionals , economists , and military . Could Jokowi filed vice from professionals ?

Political observers of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences ( LIPI ) , Pledge Nusa Bakti , assess , it is difficult for Jokowi to submit figures remain professional . Jokowi , said the Pledge , still should require a political party support in his candidacy in the presidential election .

" Because if from a professional , then how to party into supporting him . Would they want to ? Now this , just Nasdem already submitted the name of JK , " Pledge said when contacted on Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) .

Pledge also saw no professional figures that can be juxtaposed with Jokowi . He cited former Finance Minister Agus Martowardojo who had discoursed as vice presidential candidate for Jokowi . He predicts that discourse will not get approval from the PDI - P .

" Agus Marto could not because of his history he once opposed Pak SBY . PDI - P must worry that he will oppose the president again , " he said .

While Sri Mulyani , who is now an official at the World Bank , say the Pledge , have expressed themselves do not want to get ahead in the presidential election . Other professional figures are quite prominent is Paramadina University Rector Anies Baswedan . However , judging Badwater Pledge not have qualified in the government 's ability .

" Jokowi need someone who is experienced in the areas of government . If an academic , how he can take decisions quickly ? This is a problem because knowledge about politics and international relations not enough for a vice president , " said Pledge .
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Previously , Jokowi had glanced vice of professionals . The reason is because he rejected the cabinet of political horse-trading , although the party had to form a coalition with another party . Jokowi also said the cabinet would apply expertise , which will be filled by professionals .


Sunday, April 20, 2014

So Corruptor Still Selected Representatives

Convicted of bribery , Susi Andayani tour earned 256 votes. However , the sound is not able to deliver it to Parliament hijabi Bandarlampung period 2014-2019 .

It is said Election Commission Chairman Bandarlampung , Heri Fauzi , Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) .
According to him , Susi has been registered in the List of Candidates Remain ( DCT ) is currently a suspect in KPK .

Election Commission has sought pencoretannya Bandarlampung , because entangled case bribing Chairman of the Constitutional Court , Akil Mochtar . But nothing could be done .
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" When she was named as a suspect , we 've been doing for the proposal was dropped , but it can not be done because it has not be convicted , " he said .

Susi become candidates Andayani tour of PDI serial number seven , and compete in pileg to Parliament Bandarlampung .

Based on the results of recapitulation , the PDI-P be the party that put the most representative as many as 10 people , followed by the PAN gained seven seats .

While the MCC , NasDem Party , Democratic Party , Gerindra , and the Golkar Party , gained the same number of seats in Parliament Bandarlampung ie five seats .

" Nasdem Party chair very significant acquisition for a new party to vote for the first time , able to compete with other, more senior party , " said Fauzi .

While the PPP is only able to get four seats , two seats Hanura , PKB and PKPI each only get one seat for Parliament Bandarlampung period 2014-2019 .

Some of the names that had occupied the seat parliament Bandarlampung on the period of the Hanafi Pulung PDI , Mandy Anggraini , Sriningsih , Ivan , Suheli , Pandi Candra , Pansor , Yuginta , Wiyadi , and Nukman .


Friday, April 18, 2014

French troops freed five aid workers kidnapped Mali

French troops freed five aid workers were kidnapped in Mali in February by one of the militant groups in the country , said the leaders of France and Mali on Thursday .

" An operation conducted by the French Armed Forces " successfully released five workers - four employees of the Red Cross and a veterinarian from other aid organizations - after a " terrorist group " kidnapped them on February 8 in the northern region of Mali , the country's second president in a joint statement .

The hostages were in good health after a morning raid in the area north of Timbuktu , the statement said quoted by AFP .

Abduction was claimed by the Movement of Oneness and Jihad in West Africa ( MUJAO ) , a splinter group of Al-Qaeda in the region .

The five men were lost with their vehicles on the road between the cities of Kidal and Gao when working in the region .

MUJAO leader , Yoro Abdoulsalam , claimed the abduction of three days later told AFP .

In a statement Thursday , the president of Mali Ibrahim Boubacar thanked French President Francois Hollande and send " deep gratitude ... for the commitment of France to Mali since 2013 " .

The two leaders promised to continue the fight against " terrorism , organized crime and drug trafficking " in the Sahel region south of the Sahara desert.

Mali , who had been one of the stable democracies in Africa , experiencing uncertainty after a military coup in March 2012 to topple the government of President Amadou Toumani Toure .

The international community is concerned that the country will become a new hotbed of terrorists and their support African efforts to intervene militarily .

Hardliners , who say the experts acting under the umbrella of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb ( AQIM ) , dominate the northern region of Mali , covering an area larger than France , since April last year .

Tribal rebels in mid- January 2012 launch another war decades for an independent Tuareg in northern areas they claim as their land , which is reinforced by heavily armed militants who had just returned from Libya . However , they struggle then hijacked by groups of Islamist .

Disgruntled army coup in March 2012, is intended to give more authority to the military to quell a rebellion in the north , but it backfired and the rebels control of the three main cities in northern Mali within three days.
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France , in collaboration with the Malian army , on January 11, 2013 launched the operation when militants threaten progress to the capital of Mali , Bamako , after months of doubts about African intervention troops to help oust the hardline groups of the northern region .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

PT KAI Frequent Umbar ' Promise of Paradise '

Dozens of police officers disperse passengers who take action to block a rally car . Two passengers were arrested , and therefore insist Pangga Dual purpose car blocking Purwokerto.

Mira electric passenger rail cars ( KRL ) revealed that PT KAI has long mengumbar ' promise of paradise ' to passengers.

"I have 20 years of being a loyal user of the car. Already from the first PT KAI always menggumbar promise like this . Rather stay past but enggak RP1.500 Cheap car never stopped , " said Mira, Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .
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Middle-aged women evaluate government failed to provide a sense of comfort for users of public transport.

" If the government wants to encourage the use of public transport is supposed to be completed dong with facilities and infrastructure . Previously the government also promised land acquisition for rail lines , but until now where ? " saying.

Previously reported, the hundreds of passengers KRL - Kota Bekasi do stunts rally by blocking rail . They are frustrated with the messy KRL schedule system , as well as facilities and infrastructure KRL bad .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Expires Rp600 Million , It Fails So Porter Golf Representatives

Muhammad Agus now can only bite the fingers . 37 -year-old man 's dream became candidates ran aground , when he had drained the savings that will be used initially for the pilgrimage .

Met at his residence , Tapos Road , RT 02 RW 11, No. 6 , Village Tapos , District Tapos Depok , Agus looked lethargic . In fact , Nining , Agus wife is still in shock because of Rp600 million aground money just like that, without any results .

" My land , my wife and depleted savings . The money I saved to go to Hajj and educate children in the UI also been used , "he told headline , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .
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However, he was still grateful because they had no debt . All the money he spent on the campaign was purely money that he collected over the years as a porter golf . " And by selling the land , " he said softly . Everyday, Agus was working as a porter at Emeralda Golf , Cimanggis , Depok .

Initially , Agus and his family could be so sure the people's representatives in Parliament Depok . With her ​​savings , Agus was campaigning and buy all sorts of props to convince voters in the constituency . " I am convinced the people here to support me because I know close to them , " said the candidate of the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) the serial number 7 .

During the campaign , he claimed no money or political launched dawn raids . " Uh baseball him , because I lost it . Overall aground just after someone who conducted dawn raids at 3 in the morning , " he said .

That person , he said , menyawer money 50 thousand to 100 thousand voters to dapilnya . " There is no need I call the name of the party and where he came from, " he said .
Not Want to Give Up
There is a reason why Agus insisted forward so incumbent legislators , which wants to promote his birthplace in Tapos . In fact , he said , there are three programs that will be carried out if he could be a member of parliament .

First , in terms of education . " I want children to enjoy Tapos vocational education in schools . Due for only 25 percent of native Tapos school there , " he said .

Second , health . Agus want Tapos have decent hospitals as in other districts . And third , he also wants to create jobs for farmers because the land there is up to industry interests , property , and services .

" But what power , honesty defeated by injustice , prayer seemed to have no effect . My worry is that if elected he would be an outsider would not know about this area , " said the man who had just completed his undergraduate education at the University of IMI , South Jakarta .

Although devastated , Agus admitted to not want to despair . He plans to return to work and turn a social institution whose purpose is to help the orphans , widows , and those who drop out of school .

To keep away from stress , Agus busied himself with work that he lived on leave during the campaign and get closer to God . "God willing, my family and tough and strong to face the toughest trials in my life . And if allowed again , I 'll be back in five years forward as candidates . But either of which party , so we'll see , " he said . ( eh )