Saturday, May 3, 2014

Netty Heryawan Have All victims of abuse in Sukabumi divisum

To help deal with victims of sexual abuse of dozens of children in Sukabumi , Chairman of Integrated Service Centre for Women and Children ( P2TP2A ) and Chairman of the PKK West Java , Netty Heryawan prepare a number of steps .

Governor Ahmad Heryawan wife said , P2TP2A West Java have coordinated with P2TP2A Sukabumi . Until Friday night , West Java P2TP2A prepare psychologists and financial assistance in the form if necessary post mortem .
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'' So far , Sukabumi states will handle the first at the level of the city and will ask for help if needed , '' said Netty encountered in the seminar ' The Path of Truly Muslim : Muslim Women Respond Future Challenges ' at the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia ( UI ) , Saturday ( 3/5 ) .

Of minimum service standards ( SPM ) applied P2TP2A , victims of sexual abuse must divisum . According to him , the law requires proof that Indonesia is still investigating the case for completeness .

So far, only 12 of the 47 children who had divisum . Netty wish all children and families are willing to do a post mortem . If not , he expects , the results of the autopsy report could represent the 12 children in the legal process .

Mother of six children was very hopeful P2TP2A Sukabumi also have the help of recovery for victims of trauma . For suspected perpetrators have been victims in 2012 and became the perpetrators .


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